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Ekran System is an on-premises agent-based software product supporting various deployment options. We deliver monitoring and protection Clients for different types of endpoints, centralize and store data on the Ekran System Server side and provide a centralized Web-based management panel.

Ekran System Clients

Ekran System Clients help to monitor user activity, manage access, and prevent malicious actions on any type of desktops and servers:

  • Infrastructure servers,
  • Terminal servers,
  • Jump servers,
  • Physical and virtual desktops.
  • The most complete and set of supported platforms:
  • Windows,
  • macOS,
  • Linux,
  • UNIX,
  • X Window System,
  • Citrix, and
  • VMware.
  • The Client captures user screens with mouse moves according to the recording settings and simultaneously logs important metadata such as application names, titles of active windows, keystrokes, etc.
  • The monitored data is sent to the Ekran System Server for storage and analysis, or, if there is no network connection, is stored in the Client protected cache until the connection is restored.
  • You may configure the Client depending on how intensive security monitoring should be, up to making screen captures every second or based on each mouse click or key pressure. You may enable the special Protected Mode to ensure the safety of Client work and integrity of monitored data.
  • Ekran System enables easy solution deployment providing remote Client installation options. 

Ekran System Server

Ekran System Clients send monitored data to the Ekran System Server, which analyzes the data and stores it in a central database. If the monitored data contains events that correspond to user-defined rules, the Server generates instant alerts and initiate automated response if needed.

The Server is also responsible for storing the configuration data, sending the update packages to Clients, performing database cleanup, and creating reports and corresponding statistics.

Ekran System Server can optionally work with third-party MS SQL, PostgreSQL or embedded free Firebird databases, allowing for a flexible choice depending on your security, economical, and processing speed needs.

Web Management Tool

The Management Tool is the primary Ekran System user interface. It allows you to manage Clients, configure security alerts to potential incidents , define and assign permissions to Ekran System users, manage access to endpoints, as well as view and analyze monitored security data received from Clients.


Solution Architecture

Combining various types of Ekran System Clients, you can protect and increase visibility of each part of your particular IT infrastructure. For large deployments, we provide high availability mode to improve system stability and multi-tenants mode to meet data segmentation and isolation requirements.

Basic Deployment Scheme

You can achieve maximum visibility and control of any activity performed within your infrastructure by installing a Client of corresponding type to each endpoint.

Full agent-based deployment schemeFull agent-based deployment scheme

Jump Server Deployment

You can install just one Ekran System Terminal Server Client on a jump server to monitor all sessions that come through it and, if needed, manage access to endpoints within the protected perimeter using Ekran System PASM toolset.

Jump server deployment schemeJump server deployment scheme

Multi-tenants Mode

The Multi-tenant mode was developed for professional service companies managing security of their clients and big organizations with geographically separated offices and independent departments.

This deployment mode allows multiple independent tenants to operate in Ekran System environment. Data of each tenant including monitored data, user credentials, Client names, System configuration, etc. is completely independent and not accessible by other tenants.  


Multi-tenant cybersecurity deployment schemeMulti-tenant cybersecurity deployment scheme

Full listing of Ekran System Standard and Enterprise Version Features