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Partner's Lead Registration

Leads (New Accounts) registration allows the respective Account Manager to assign an incumbent Partner to an account to enable the incumbent Partner to better serve the potential end user

Incumbent Partner of a new account is determined by the principle of "first come first serve" basis, i.e., first 

online registration received by Cybersectech's sales team and notified accordingly

In the unusual event that there are 2 registrants from the same Partner, for the same New Account, only the first registrant will be notified

The incumbent Partner must close the deal within 2 (two) months, after registration. If the account is still not closed after the 2 (two) months, it will become "unassigned" and may be offered to any Partner by the Account Manager, if necessary

The incumbent Partner will enjoy the Partner standard discount while a non-incumbent Partner will be offered a flat discount of lesser amount. Pls check Terms & Conditions for details

Cybersectech's and its respective Account Manager have full discretion and their decision on the assignment of incumbent Partner of a new account is final and not subjected to arbitration or negotiation